A Furniture Company Is Making Bed Frames With Built-In Dog Beds, And I Need One


My dog would sleep in our bed every single night if she could. Unfortunately, she’s 100 pounds and takes up most of the bed. And so, she only gets to sleep in bed with me when my husband is out of town for work.

But now, this doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. Why? Because a custom furniture company called Country Creations Pine Furniture based in Clintonville, Pennsylvania is making pine bed frames with built-in dog beds at the foot of the bed. Have you ever heard of anything cuter?!

The dog bed section of each bed features steps on one side so that your furry friend can easily get in and out of their bed.

source: Facebook/Country Creations Pine Furniture

A king size bed with the dog bed attachment, steps, and two end tables sells for $1,350. That’s extremely reasonable for such a great piece of handmade furniture!

source: Facebook/Country Creations Pine Furniture

Already have a bed that you like? No problem. You can buy the separate dog bed attachment with four drawers and three steps for $400. The dog bed fits a toddler size mattress.

source: Facebook/Country Creations Pine Furniture

I think these beds are such an awesome idea. Your pooch can be close to you at night, but doesn’t need to be taking up your actual bed. It’s a win-win for everyone!