Husband Builds Wife A Miniature ‘Chicken Coop Town’


I’ve always dreamed of living on a piece of land somewhere. It would be so amazing to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city, and to live somewhere a little more peaceful. If I ever make this dream a reality, I know what the first thing I’ll be doing is – getting chickens! So when I came across this post of a miniature chicken coop town that a husband built for his wife, my heart just about burst.

I mean, how sweet is this? Here’s the traditional red barn as part of the “town.”

A closeup shot of “Livery Stables”

Of course, no old Western town is complete without its very own saloon.

There’s also a cafe, a hotel, and a mercantile!

And a jail for any naughty chickens!

“Rooster’s Ridge” supplies the water for all of the chickens.

There’s even a little blacksmith’s stand!

This is such a cute, creative project done by a husband for his wife and her chickens! Though it would be lovely to own chickens and have a regular coop, this one really knocked it out of the park. If I’m lucky enough to live on a piece of property one day, I’ll definitely remember this sweet idea!