A Single Boiled Potato Can Power A Light For 40 Days


In the realm of unconventional energy sources, potatoes have emerged as unlikely heroes. While our usual associations with potatoes involve culinary delights such as mashed potatoes or crispy french fries, a groundbreaking initiative by the research team at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is bringing the humble spud into the spotlight. Their pursuit of “potato power” aims to illuminate the lives of those in rural communities and lacking access to traditional electricity grids.

Potatoes: More Than a Staple Food:

Traditionally, potatoes have adorned our dinner tables in various delicious forms. However, this research challenges us to see them in a new light – as potential energy sources. According to researcher Haim Rabinowitch, a single boiled potato possesses the astonishing capability to power LED lamps for an entire room for a remarkable 40 days. This breakthrough involves a simple setup of connecting a potato to inexpensive metal plates, wires, and LED bulbs, essentially transforming it into a substitute for conventional batteries.

The Science Behind Potato-Powered Energy:

Exploring a concept rooted in Luigi Galvani’s 1780 discovery, the researchers delve into the science behind this potato-powered phenomenon. The basic idea involves utilizing the organic material within a potato to create a battery. With an anode (negative electrode) like zinc and a cathode (positive electrode) like copper, the potato’s acid initiates a chemical reaction with these metals. As electrons flow between the materials, energy is released. Taking this concept further, the researchers found that boiling potatoes for eight minutes enhances this process. It breaks down organic tissues, reduces resistance, facilitates electron movement, and, in turn, generates more energy. While the energy produced is low voltage, it proves sufficient to construct a battery capable of charging mobile phones or laptops in areas devoid of grid or power connections.

Challenges and Controversies:

Despite the immense potential, the adoption of potato power faces hurdles. Some attribute the slow progress to a lack of awareness, as this innovative method remains relatively unknown. On the other hand, concerns linger regarding the use of food as an energy source, raising questions about potential impacts on global food supplies. The debate surrounding the ethical use of potatoes for power reflects the complexities of integrating this novel concept into mainstream energy conversations.


As we ponder the possibilities presented by potato power, it becomes evident that this unassuming vegetable has the potential to revolutionize energy access in remote areas. While challenges persist, the promise demonstrated by the research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem urges us to pay attention. Could a single boiled potato truly be the key to providing sustainable energy solutions and illuminating lives for 40 days? Only time will reveal the full extent of the potato’s power in reshaping our approach to energy consumption.

source: Live Science via Shutterstock