Add olive oil to your every day skin care routine


Almost every house has a bottle of olive oil sitting somewhere. Most people use olive oil to cook or simply eat it with bread, but it has surprising uses that you probably haven’t heard of.

Olive oil is known to be very healthy, and it is known for its useful properties that can offer help around the house. But, not everyone knows that olive oil can be used in skin care routines. I know that this might sound odd, but olive oil is a natural skin care product that tops all of the other products, and it is cheaper than other skin care products available in the market.

source: Pinterest

1. A natural make up remover

Olive oil can effectively remove any kind of makeup you have on your face (but not permanent makeup). Grab a cotton pad and dip it into olive oil and just like that, you have a natural makeup remover that won’t damage your skin.

source: Pinterest

2. Use it as a night cream

There is a misconception that made people believe that rubbing oil on your face leads to greasy skin. But, olive oil is completely natural and gets sucked into the pores very fast and it works miracles to your skin. This makes olive oil one of the best if not the best skin care products that you should definitely use especially if you have dry skin.


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