Use potato peels to get rid of grey hair


When we age it does not only affect our bodies and skins, it also spread to the hair and makes it gain grey-ish color over time. In fact, grey hair is not totally related to age because some people start getting at a young age and it starts developing from there. Some people like their grey hair, but others simply don’t and try anything to get rid of it. Products designed specifically for this task can be a bit expensive, that is why we are going to show you a trick that reduces grey hairs with only potato peels.

Some people prefer to dye their hair whenever they spot a grey hair. However, we all know that this process can be risky to some extent and pricy especially if you do it in a hair salon, not to mention that you should dye your hair regularly if you want to maintain the same look of your hair. But fear not, because there is a cheap and effective method that uses potato peels only. Potato peels? You may ask. Yes! because potato peels contain the catecholase enzyme that is used in cosmetic products that are used for skin tone evening. Even if it is related to skin, the enzyme can actually add color to your hair. Unlike other hair products, potato peels won’t damage your hair that is why you should feel relieved.


This method may sound odd, but it’s really useful, effective, and easy to do; you just have to follow these instructions

  • Start boiling two potatoes for about 20 minutes.
  • Remove the peels from the potatoes and use a blender to blitz the peels up.
  • Wash your hair normally would then put the potato peel mush to your hair.
  • Let the potato peel mush sit and soak for about 15 minutes, then use water to rinse it out.
  • Use a hair mask or conditioner to get rid of the potato smell.

Pretty simple right?

Here is a more in-depth video about this method:


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