After reading this, you will start bokashi composting


If your composting method does not quite satisfy you and leaves you sorting out vegetable scraps from dairy and meat products while leaving you with a lacking garden, then you should consider changing the system a bit because it’s clearly not working.

There are composting methods that can successfully build your soil without generating bad smells. One method that stands out the most is the bokashi method or bokashi composting. So what exactly is this bokashi composting?

Bokashi, or fermented organic matter in English, is a Japanese method that is based on a fermentation process that relies on inoculated materials to turn kitchen scraps into high-quality compost. What stands out the most about this method is the bokashi bucket that is able to handle dairy and milk, which makes it the perfect option for those who hate looking through food scraps for standard compost.

What will make you use a bokashi bucket is its ability to pickle scraps in low oxygen conditions which leaves you with a nutrient, quick forming, and dense soil additive that has many, if not the majority of the kitchen waste.