Alejandra Costello Claims To Have ‘The Most Organized House In America.’


As the new year approaches, many people make it their goal to get their homes in order. But this is easier said than done! Where do you start when you have accumulated so much stuff? Well, if that’s the case, here you go! Alejandra Costello is a certified personal organizer and has posted a tour of her apartment in Virginia on YouTube. Alejandra uses every inch of this small space. Let’s take a look.

Alejandro started by showing us the kitchen pantry. It’s certainly not your average pantry. She used lazy susans and pull-out baskets. She uses lazy susans and drawers to sort food by category, making each item very easy to find.

Alejandro’s kitchen is an oasis of organization, with dishes and utensils organized and stored in drawers. The cupboards are neatly organized and everything is stacked in place.

Naturally, Alejandro’s home office is an organized oasis. Materials are stored in clear containers, and pegboards hang ribbons and craft materials. Everything has a fixed location and each item is clearly labeled.

Alejandro’s bathroom is full of clever space-saving ideas, such as a shower curtain with built-in pockets for shampoo and other items. It also features a shoe cabinet above the door for storing cosmetics and toiletries.

About Alejandro Costello

Alejandro Costello will be a familiar face to many of you reading this story. If you think you are, please refer to her. She is the “Queen of Cleanliness”. Her cleaning and organizing techniques have been featured in a wide range of media, including Family Circle, Woman’s Day, Mashable, The Washington Post, Parents, HGTV, CBS, and YouTube.

In the video below, she shares her home, her tips, and how she organizes her own home. I was particularly impressed with her approach to her pantry. lazy Susan’s approach is brilliant and I plan to implement it immediately.

The pull-out bins and labels are also very attractive. The problems I used to deal with in my pantry are no longer there. In addition to great tips for organizing the pantry, Alejandra also offers great guidance for tackling the craft room. The tips start with buying a pegboard for this room.

For more of her home organization tips, be sure to check out this guide. If you have a lot of clothes and don’t know what to do with them, you’ll love this guide.

Costello is the consummate professional. Of course, a professional has to have secrets. In fact, she was willing to give us the behind-the-scenes details of her methods.

Her home is indeed unfathomably clean. How she was able to live in such a beautifully maintained home, we do not know. In fact, her home was voted the “nicest house in America.