Avoid cleaning these things with rubbing alcohol


Although there are 2 main types of rubbing alcohol, isopropyl seems to be the most commonly used type. The compound is mainly used to sanitize and treat minor wounds, clean glass, mirrors, steel faucets, glass, and steel fixtures. Despite the fact that rubbing alcohol has many uses around the house, you should not use it to clean anything

One important thing you should do when using rubbing alcohol is to wear gloves, use the compound in an area where there is air circulating, and definitely not around flame sources. Now, here are the 8 things that you should clean with rubbing alcohol.

1. Painted surfaces

You should avoid using rubbing alcohol to clean lacquered, shellacked, or painted surfaces because that will only remove the finish.

2. Serious wounds

Rubbing alcohol is often used to treat and sanitize minor wounds, but it should never be used on large wounds and injured skins because it will only delay the healing process even though the compound has antiseptic properties. Furthermore, rubbing alcohol can also cause skin irritation to the skin surrounding the large open wound.

3. Acrylic and plastic

Rubbing alcohol should never be used to clean acrylic and plastic items because it will cause additional damage (it can discolor and crack the plastic or acrylic item). Using rubbing alcohol to clean acrylic and plastic will offer a perfect breeding space to bacteria.

4. Pearls and opals

If you have pearl or opal gemstones, you should definitely keep them away from rubbing alcohol because the compound will damage their coating and take their protective layer off of them.

5. Wood furniture

If you love your wooden furniture, then you should definitely keep it away from rubbing alcohol because it plays the role of a solvent and it will dissolve stains or finishes in the wooden furniture. Rubbing alcohol causes more damage if it stays for a long time on wooden furniture.

6. Dry erase board

You can use rubbing alcohol to make a dry erase board look brand new, but not for too long because rubbing alcohol can cause damage to dry erase boards if used frequently.

7. Hot surfaces

Rubbing alcohol is a flammable liquid that should be kept away from fire sources or hot surfaces. You should avoid cleaning ovens, barbecue grills, and toaster with rubbing alcohol because it is extremely combustible and can cause a massive fire.

8. Rubber

You can use rubbing alcohol on rubber but not frequently because it can deteriorate and even discolors it if used for extensive periods of time. Rubbing alcohol can destroy rubber, that is why you should keep rubber away from it.


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