Check up for these 8 things when reviewing your furnace


The furnace is one of the most important and essential appliances at home. Because the appliance keeps proper air circulations and temperatures in the house and runs on either gas or electricity, you should look after it and check up on it from time to time to make sure that everything is running smoothly. When it comes to the furnace, debris getting filtered into the air is definitely one of the worst things that can happen because it encourages carbon monoxide buildup and malfunctioning that can have serious effects if left undealt with.

If you want to keep things running smoothly, then you have to check up on your furnace every one in a while to make sure that it is still functioning without anything serious. So without any further ado, here are 8 things to check up for when reviewing your furnace.

1. Gas leaks

If you have a gas furnace, then you have to know that it can break down any time even if it’s still new. The breaking can be because of poor maintenance, poor installation, or the furnace being too old (if there is any gas leak, the gas heater will most likely blow up). If you suddenly start smelling gas odors in your house, turn off the gas from the main gas valve and exit your home immediately, then call for emergencies and your gas company to run a check on your valves to locate the leaking(s). When your house is considered safe again, call an HVAC agent (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning agent) to check up on your heater. The agent will ask to check your gas furnace to search for, a clogged flue, a cracked heat exchanger, or other variables.

2. Filter

If you have a gas furnace, then you have to change the filter every 2 months or so. Check up on your current filter, if it is dirty and colored grey, then you have to change it as soon as possible. If your house builds-up dust in a strange and fast way than usual, then check the filter for dirt or some other kind of buildup. But changing the filter frequently is a must and you should not forget to do so.

3. Dirt and dust

Furnaces break down mainly because of dust and dirt buildup. This happens because when particles pile up on the fan blades, they cause the system to work harder. In other cases, dirt builds up in the heating system’s interior which generates a bad smell that spreads through your house. Furthermore, dust buildup can cause safety issues, so make sure to set time for furnace tune-ups to keep your furnace clean.

4. Flue

If your furnace’s chimney or flue is blocked, then things might get a little bit too dangerous because this can cause a carbon monoxide buildup that has serious consequences. The blockage can most likely happen because of dead animals, leaves, nests, debris, and twigs. Make sure to hire a professional to clean up your chimney or flue from time to time.

5. Pilot light

The pilot light can be sabotaged because of soot and carbon buildups. Most people call an HVAC agent, turn off the gas to the heating unit, or clean the pilot light themselves. If you want to deal with things on your own, remove the furnace cover, then remove the nuts and bracket that hold the pilot light and the thermocouple in their place. Once done, use a wire brush to scrub the thermocouple and the pilot light to remove the buildup, then wipe clean both parts and assemble everything back into shape.