Treat bunions using these 8 home remedies


A bunion is a condition where a bump forms on the joint at the base of your big toe which makes it push against the toes, causing the big toe’s joint to become bigger. It can be caused by a strong toe bump, narrow and tight shoes. Shoes actually can have a huge impact because they will either push toes against each other or constrict them. To treat bunions, you can use one of the following 8 home remedies.

1. Ice

Ice is one of the most used treatments for bunions, simply wrap some ice in a thin cloth and apply it to the bunion for 10 to 25 minutes while keeping your foot elevated above the heart (you can not do so, but if you can go for it because it has additional benefits of its own).

2. Olive oil

Increasing the circulation around the big joint can treat bunions, that is why you should massage warm oil directly on the bunion and the lower foot for 15 minutes, two times a day.

3. Red pepper

Red pepper has an active ingredient that gives it the ability to be a natural pain reliever. Simply cut a dash of red pepper and rub its fresh juice directly on the bunion, then cover it with a thin layer of petroleum jelly. Once done, wrap it up with a loose-fitting bandage. Make sure to do this process two times a day.

4. Castor oil

Castor oil is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that can relieve pain and reduce swelling. To properly use castor oil heat half a cup of castor oil in a pan, then soak a cotton cloth in it and use it to wrap the bunion. Once done, use a towel to cover it and sit back until the oil cools down. Make sure to do this three times a day for better results.

5. Epsom salts

Soak bunions in a foot bath made of half a cup of Epsom salt dissolved in hot water for 20 minutes two times a day.



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