Clean your tub and shower easily using this method


Cleaning is one of the most hated house chores that ever existed, but when it comes to cleaning tubs and showers, it gets even worse because you have to deal with mildew, grime, and very hard water stains that refuse to go away, and you just spend a lot of time scrubbing and cleaning, but the end result is not satisfying at all.

source: Been There, Learned That

However, you will find this method a lifesaver and a deal breaker because it does not need any expensive products, you will simply need a cleaning wand with a sponge in its end, dish soap, and distilled vinegar, that’s all. Start by mixing equal parts of vinegar and dish soap in the wand by giving it a really good shake.

source: Today’s Homeowner

Once the solution is well mixed, start wetting the flood of the bathtub and shower, then using the wand, start scrubbing for 10 to 20 minutes, then start spraying the surfaces with the solution that you made to get rid of the residue. But please, always keep in mind that the floor is covered with dish soap and you can slip, so be careful.

source: Quick Tips & Notes

This method is so easy and cheap (that’s the best part actually) and you can use it whenever you want even when having a shower, that way you’ll be getting two birds with one stone. The wand, however, can get lost easily, so make sure to keep it somewhere that you can remember easily and you can gain immediate access to it.