Here is why you should start bathing your feet in Listerine


Feet are such a blessing, they carry the weight of your whole body, they take you wherever you want, and they help you do some difficult tasks some times. That is why they deserve some care and attention, and that is why you should start giving it to them. See it is not about appreciation, but it is about preserving them for a long period of time.

Listerine will help you do just that. I know that it is pretty unusual, but it is effective. You should start taking care of your feet, but it shouldn’t take most of your time, a few minutes a day is more than enough with this method, and it will be a good time to relax too, especially after a long and busy day. And I know that some of you have dry skin, callused feet, corns, or warts, but taking care of your feet in winter and cold seasons in general, will provide greater feet that will go through summer easily in a good look and shape and will require minimum care.

And that’s where Listerine comes in, you will need a simple bottle of Listerine mouthwash that will do all of the fancy stuff that expensive products can and some times fail to do. Listerine will help you get rid of calluses, dry heel, dead skin, cracked heels, and surprisingly toenail fungus, pretty amazing, right? For more instructional details, watch this video because it provides a more in-depth look at this method.