Coconut Oil: 9 Miracles and Uses, Benefits & Why You Should Use It


2. The many uses of coconut oil 

Coconut oil is a miraculous product that can be used for these next tasks:

  1. Cream to soothe severe itchiness
  2. Natural deodorant
  3. Natural sunscreen
  4. Facial cleanser
  5. Facial moisturizer
  6. Body moisturizer
  7. Natural hair conditioner
  8. Wrinkle-reducing mask
  9. Cellulite cream
  10. Natural diaper cream
  11. Coffee creamer
  12. Lightener for age spots
  13. Spot treatment for acne
  14. Cuticle cream for healthier nails
  15. Cream for baby’s cradle cap
  16. Baby lotion
  17. Ointment to reduce skin inflammation
  18. Eye makeup remover
  19. Natural energy boost when mixed with a tablespoon of chia seeds
  20. Butter-replacement in the kitchen
  21. Milk supply booster for new mothers
  22. Ointment for dry and cracked feet
  23. Mood booster
  24. Whitening toothpaste
  25. Anxiety lessener
  26. Nutritional supplement for fetal health (only when pregnant mothers ingest it)
  27. Natural shaving cream
  28. Natural tanning oil
  29. Natural lubricant
  30. Natural after-shave lotion
  31. A cream that heals perineum after birth
  32. A cream that prevents stretch marks during pregnancy
  33. Foot warmer when ingested or massaged
  34. Natural antibacterial ointment for mild cuts
  35. Treatment for lice when
  36. Allergy symptom reliever (you have to rub it inside your nose)
  37. Massage oil
  38. Treatment for pet skin conditions
  39. Ingredient in many recipes
  40. Energy boost when ingested as a tablespoon in the morning
  41. Sleep aid when ingested as a tablespoon before bed
  42. Oral pulling wash to improve oral health
  43. Homemade bug repellent
  44. Seasoning for cast-iron skillets
  45. Homemade vapor rub
  46. Homemade laundry soap
  47. Lip balm
  48. Homemade soap
  49. Homemade smoothies

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