Dad-to-be brings girlfriend to hospital for delivery but receives devastating news instead


Paul Servat, 35, and his girlfriend Barbara Bienvenu, 37, were expecting quintuplets, but doctors had devastating news for the excited dads-to-be.
Despite signs of pregnancy, Bienvenu wasn’t actually carrying the babies.
Servat told the QMI agency that they met in the summer of 2014, and in September of that year, Bienvenue announced to him that she was pregnant.

The father-to-be was overjoyed, saying, “We are so happy ……. Even my parents are very excited about having a grandchild,” he told reporters.

Bienvenu said she told Servat to think of names when she told them she was going to have twins, triplets, quadruplets and then quintuplets.

A friend of the couple set up a Facebook page so that family and community members in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, could get information about the upcoming quintuplets, according to the London Free Press, which reported that the friend “used my personal and professional contacts to help her She reported that “I got sponsorship.

Others gave her various clothes and furniture.” In fact, the QMI interview was “conducted in a nursery with five empty, colorful cribs.”
Bienvenue, who is allegedly pregnant, befriended Geneviève Laflamme, the mother of triplets, who gave her valuable advice. She told CTV News, “I gave her advice on how to cope, where to get financial support, where to get diaper sponsorship, etc.”
The truth finally came out when the couple arrived at the hospital; Servat told QMI that hospital staff could not find any documentation related to Bienvenue’s pregnancy and that the nurse showed Bienvenue the results of a blood test that clearly stated she was not carrying a child She said.

Servat mentioned that the doctor said Bienvenue may have experienced a “pseudo-pregnancy,” a medical phenomenon known as a false pregnancy; WebMD described some of the symptoms of a false pregnancy: “interrupted menstruation, abdominal swelling, enlarged, tender breasts, nipple changes, and possibly breast milk production. , a feeling of fetal movement, nausea and vomiting, and weight gain,” and also lists the pain of labor.

What causes a false pregnancy?

Doctors are not sure, but there are psychological reasons why the body may think you are pregnant. This is more likely if there has been a miscarriage or if the woman has a strong desire to get pregnant.
A relative of Behnvenu came forward after the ordeal and revealed to QMI (published in the London Free Press) that this was not an isolated incident. This relative stated, “. It’s not the first time she’s done this. But honestly, I don’t think she’s sick enough to do it again.”

Selvat tearfully told QMI: ” I’ve lost everything, it’s my whole life.” . Despite this devastation, Selvat has pledged to return all donated items or donate them to charity.” I am a good person and I have nothing to do with these lies,” he said.