The divinity is one of those special candies I make almost exclusively during the holidays. Sometimes I make a pile for Easter or some other special occasion, but these candies really represent Christmas in my heart.

What is the deity?

The deity consists mainly of protein and sugar. I like to add chopped nuts to mine, but I know that some people prefer nuts. This is what you need to make the deity:

  • egg whites
  • sugar
  • water
  • corn syrup
  • salt
  • pecans
  • vanilla extract

How to make the best of the Divinity

Test your candy thermometer before using it. Bring water to a boil. Insert your thermometer. It should read 212F. Make the necessary adjustments.
Do not hit the deity too hard. As you approach the end, you can check your divinity by placing a spoon on the waxed paper. If it holds its shape, it is ready. If it slowly turns into a puddle, you are not ready.
Prepare yourself. The first instruction I gave was to prepare the baking sheet with wax paper and butter the spoons. This is done for a very important reason. You need to work quickly towards the end and if you are not ready to drop the candy on the wax paper, it will get stuck too quickly in the bowl. Now, you don’t have to be a speed demon, but you have to do it as fast as possible.
Don’t be a control freak. It’s hard for me, but the nature of the deity is wild and disorderly. That’s why it is so beautiful. No two rooms are the same. I like the irregularities and inconsistency of this candy, it is attractive and beautiful.


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