DIY Lemon Vinegar Gel For Cleaning


I used to think that I knew everything about cleaning. I have tried practically all the store-bought and homemade cleaners of all shapes and forms. Anyway, as of late I made another homemade cleaner that I’m totally infatuated with.

Vinegar is one of my favorite cleaners, I love cleaning with it. It’s such an amazing item to use in cleaning but it has only one drawback. It doesn’t generally cling or sticks to vertical surfaces. Lately, I was getting questions on using vinegar on a wall and it made me think about my detergent pen. I figured it would be cool if there was something like this for vinegar.

After a short time, I was in the kitchen exploring different articles regarding some homemade vinegar gel. In addition to the fact that it was a breeze to make, the stuff is absolutely amazing! This homemade lemon vinegar gel is my new most loved cleaning item. It’s going in my cleaning caddy without any doubt. If you need the cleaning intensity of vinegar in a gel form, try this homemade lemon vinegar gel.

To begin you will require vinegar and some cornstarch. Include 3/4 cup vinegar and 3 tablespoons cornstarch to a little pot. Put the pot on the stove on low warmth. Begin blending the cornstarch and vinegar blend. You should be exceptionally understanding during this part. The low warmth is significant and you have to mix the entire time it is on the warmth.

After around 5-10 minutes the blend will begin to thicken like a sauce. When it begins to thicken expel it from the warmth yet keep on blending for a couple of moments. In the event that the glue is excessively thick, at that point you can generally include a teaspoon or two of vinegar.

When the vinegar gel has begun to cool include a lemon essential oil. The lemon essential oil not just cuts oil and cleans yet it likewise smells extraordinary! I included around 10 drops of lemon essential oil to ward off the smell of the vinegar. I was unable to accept how great the homemade vinegar gel smelled.