How To Wash An Electric Blanket The Right Way.


Everyone loves their fur babies, I mean who doesn’t? I love my two dogs! We have a chihuahua and a german shepherd that I love like my babies. Especially my chihuahua, he loves going on car rides with us and he accompanies us basically anywhere we go.

But if I could change only one thing about my beloved dogs, I’d choose the mess they make, I really hate it! Dogs bring mud, shed everywhere, and of course, the occasional accidents that we all hate.

As a result of how grimy they are, I wind up washing things like sheets and covers WAY more than I would if we didn’t have dogs.

This additionally incorporates electric blankets.

You may not consider always washing your electric blanket, yet it needs to be done.

It’s not as hard as it seems, even with the wires in it. With a tad of time, you can wash your electric blanket and have it liberated from stains and soil.

Look at these tips underneath on the best way to wash an electric blanket to get it clean once more!

How To Wash An Electric Blanket

Washing an electric cover doesn’t need to be a serious deal. You can without much of a stretch wash it in the clothes washer, or you can wash it by hand.

As I would see it, it is path simpler to do in the machine.

To begin, you have to unplug the electric cover and separate the attachments and ropes from the cover. You would prefer not to get the warmth controller wet.

At that point, spot treat the cover on the off chance that it has any stains on it. You can utilize any brand of stain remover on it.

Next, start the clothes washer on the cool water cycle. I suggest utilizing the delicate cycle as well so you don’t destroy any of the wires inside the cover.

When the machine is topped off include the cleanser and the electric cover. I enthusiastically suggest utilizing a cleanser for delicates when you are washing your electric cover.

You will need to utilize a cleanser that is made for delicates so your electric cover doesn’t get deformed in the machine.

I use Woolite for delicates on some garments, however, as of late I have been using The Laundress Delicates Wash. I love the aroma of the cleanser and it works admirably of getting out the oils without harming the texture.

If you have a front-load machine simply run it on a cool delicate cycle as you regularly would.

Let the machine shake for a moment and afterward stop it and let it splash for around 5-10 minutes.

When it has drenched betray and let it run like ordinary. The delicate cycle will get the grime and stains out of your electric cover without destroying the ropes.

If you would want to wash your electric cover by hand rather you can do that as well. I have done this multiple occasions in a loft, and I simply use a spotless tub.

Top the tub off most of the way with cool water. Add soap to the tub water and foment the water to blend in the cleanser. Once more, I suggest utilizing a cleanser for delicates.

Next, add your electric cover to the tub water and move it around until it is completely submerged.

Let the sweeping douse for around 15-20 minutes. After in any event 15 minutes has passed then begin to wash the cover in the tub.

You will need to delicately foment the cover for a couple of moments. At that point, channel the water from the tub and delicately wring out the electric blanket.

While the electric blanket is still in the tub top the bath ease off with water. Wash the blanket through the water to help flush the soap from it.