Do you want to keep your house clean? Then use these 10 methods

Some people want to have a clean house 24/7, but they don’t want to waste time and effort in cleaning and scrubbing. It is not an impossible task, it is something completely possible that requires little effort. However, you should be consistent with your work to have a clean and tidy house.
These following are going to help you improve and develop your cleaning habits and cleaning vision in general. It does not really matter how messy your home is because these methods are useful. So, here are 10 cleaning methods you should know about.
1. Make your bed
Believe it or not, our beds have a strong impact on our bedrooms. When the bed is tidy, the whole rooms look tidy, and if it is not, then the whole room looks like a mess. Making your bed only takes a few minutes. So, straighten that bed up and make your room look nice and tidy.
2. Wipe your bathroom
Did you know that wiping your toilet only takes a few minutes? A very little effort that takes a small amount of time is going to help you keep your bathroom clean and tidy. So, go and wipe that toilet and those counters and enjoy a nice, clean, and organized bathroom. And don’t forget to take out the trash and replace dirty towels with cleaner ones.
3. Prevent water spots on glass shower doors
If you don’t want to waste time and effort scrubbing, then make sure to prevent the formation of water spots on glass shower doors. All you have to do is add a layer of Rain-X to your glass shower door after you are done showering, then give it a quick squeegee and voila, you don’t need to waste time scrubbing anymore.
4. Wash the dishes
Nothing gathers up quickly like dirty dishes. If you want to have a clean and tidy kitchen, make sure to wash your dishes and try to make it a routine. If you have a dishwasher then run it every single day, if you don’t have one, then wash your dishes after each meal, and don’t let them pile up. You will only have to spend a couple of minutes handwashing the dishes instead of an hour or more if you let them gather up.
5. Sweep every day
Don’t do that hardcore, obsessed sweeping, just a quick sweep, or simply use a vacuum to clean the large and main areas of your house to keep it clean. Don’t let dust and dirt build up because it is not only a bad thing to see, but it also affects your health, and you will ruin your floors and carpets. It is a simple thing to do that takes only a few minutes of your time.
6. A quick dust
Wipe down surfaces to get rid of dust and annoying dirty particles. To have more fun with that, get yourself one of those dusting gloves and use them on your electronics, desk, tables and any surface that is hard to dust.
7. Put things away
Try putting things away while they’re still in your hands, because if you leave them and decide to come back at them later, trust me YOU WON’T. So, when you take off your coat or shirt, put them in their place; when you take off your shoes put them in their specific place. This will help you keep your house nice and tidy, and it only takes a few moments to do.
8. Do one load a day
Instead of piling up dirty clothes, try to do one load of laundry each and every one or two days. This way, the house chore is going to be easier to do, and won’t take much time. Run the washing machine then go to work or school or when you are going out somewhere. You have to do this every day or every two days to prevent yourself from dealing with a big pile of clothes.
9. Use baskets to store things
Baskets really come in handy if you want to keep your place nice and tidy. Baskets can be used as trash bins, storage for magazines, books, photos, toys, and many other things. Buy as much as you need and spread them throughout the house to make it look tidy.
10. Arrange the pillows
Sometimes we clean, but the house still looks kinda messy. If you have this feeling after cleaning, then arrange your pillows. Straighten and arrange them in a proper way and you will be amazed by the result, not to mention that it only takes a couple of minutes to do.