Dog Hugs A Reporter Visiting A Shelter To Do A Story Until He, Allegedly, Decides To Adopt Her


It’s a story of friendship at first sight. The kind that is never questioned, that’s the way it is. One that has always existed. The friendship between man and dog.

This particular moment took place on a day like any other. A journalist was visiting an animal shelter to do a story and was not expecting anything else. However, he was suddenly approached by a very special puppy. The reporter didn’t have a treat or anything, the dog simply approached him with the sole purpose of showering him with affection and hugged him.

The reporter didn’t know what to think at first. After all, neither of them had ever seen the other before. But the hug was so genuine that he had no choice but to accept it. The reporter began petting the dog, rewarding it with the same positive vibes he was receiving. It was a mutual exchange of being together in the present. People nearby couldn’t resist this powerful connection and began to record it.

The reporter affectionately strokes the dog, encouraging the neglected animal to cling even more tightly to his leg. When those recording the encounter approached to capture his facial expression, it was clear in the dog’s eyes that he was not going to let go of the reporter.

It was as if the puppy listened to the universe and whispered a secret in his ear: he and the reporter were destined for each other.


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