Don’t forget to clean these 9 things after a flu wave


Everybody hates the flu, it is such an annoying to have, it just exhausts you mentally and physically. Furthermore, it is a disease that spreads quickly, it only takes one family member to carry it and the others will be infected in no time. The only thing you can do is take some medicine and rest until it passes. But, if you go through it and you don’t want it to return, make sure to clean these 9 things.

1. Remote control

This is a common scenario, you are sick and exhausted, and you need to rest, you probably lay in your couch and watch some TV shows. When you touch the remote, the virus actually sticks onto the remote and knowing that it can survive 24 hours on such surfaces, you might get the flu back quickly after recovering from it. That is why you should consider washing your remote to disinfect it. You don’t need any expensive chemical product, just take a wet cloth and wipe the remote control, and that is it.

2. Phone

Another common scenario, you are sick and exhausted, so you lay down on your bed and use your phone to watch videos or to go through social media, to entertain yourself a bit and to distract yourself from the sickness. Like the remote control process, make sure to wipe your phone using a wet cloth every day.

3. Bedding

The virus is known for its surviving abilities on soft surfaces. Sometimes when your partner or child is sick, you try to lay down beside them in bed to offer help, or just when you are sick and laying down on your bed, the virus is already transmitted there, that is why you should clean your bed to prevent it from infecting you or your family members. Make sure to wash your bedsheets at a high temperature to get rid of the virus.

4. Blankets

When you are sick you are always on your bed covered with blankets. Cleaning them is crucial if you don’t want the virus to infect your family members, because just like beddings, blankets are soft surfaces and the virus can survive there longer. If your blanket is made out of wool or some kind of fragile material, make sure to put the blankets in plastic bags and completely seal them for 24 to 28 hours to completely kill the virus. But, if your blankets are made of different materials and can survive high-temperature cleaning, then wash them on a high temperature to terminate the virus.

5. Stuffed animals

Kids just love their stuffed animals and they always keep them by their side even when they are sick. Once your kid starts getting better, take their stuffed animals and disinfect them. You can either put them in plastic bags and seal them there for a couple of days or just wash them in the washing machine.

6. Toothbrush

Our mouths are a source of bacteria, that is why we clean our toothbrushes after we are done brushing our teeth. But when you have the flu, it is a whole new level, your toothbrush can be a huge cause for your next flu infection. If you are sick, then separate your toothbrush from the rest, and when you get better, get a new one and throw away the old one.

7. Bathroom

There is nothing better than a nice warm bath, but you should also clean your bathroom especially the toilet because it becomes the new home for viruses and bacteria. Also, make sure to throw away all the tissues and napkins and wash your toilet and shower, and make sure to clean the faucets and door handles too.

8. Kitchen

Everyone cleans their kitchens regularly, but when a family member got the flu, that process should be done a lot more. Make sure to clean and replace towels every day, and clean the dishes with additional care, and don’t forget the doors and handles.

9. Your hands

Hand wash is something that everyone does every day, but when you or someone else in your family catches the flu, you should start washing your hands a lot more. When you wash your hands more during the flu season, you are less likely to be infected. Make sure to wash your hands using antibacterial soap every time you do physical contact with a sick person.