You want to clean your cast iron skillet? Then follow 7 tips

When it comes to cleaning, there is nothing harder than a cast iron skillet because you can’t clean it like the rest of your dishes because you can end up ruining it, and that is something you don’t want to happen. That is why you should clean it properly to protect it from rusting when it is just sitting there.
In this article, you will learn how to clean your seasoned cast iron easily and without ruining it. It only takes a few easy steps to follow in order to preserve your cast iron.
1. Bring in a ringer 
You will need to get yourself a ringer, it is a stainless steel mesh of rings that fits as a great and gentle tool for scrubbing your cast iron. You only have to use warm water and a metal washcloth to get rid of the grease and food remains from the pan. It will come off easily and no further scrubbing is needed, the results are going to amaze you, trust me on this one.
2. Quick daily cleaning
If your cast iron is properly seasoned, then you can clean it quickly if food remains are not stuck on the pan’s surface. Use warm water to rinse, then grab either a non-abrasive sponge or a scrub brush for cleaning. Use a little bit of dish soap to avoid any seasoning damage. Use your oven’s heat to dry the pan then use a paper towel and vegetable oil to wipe the pan.
3. Scrub with steel wool 
Food residue can b hard to get rid of, and it requires some physical effort to take it off your cast iron skillet, but fortunately, steel wool is here for the rescue. You can gently scrub your pan using it and you are good to go. All you have to do is place a bit of warm water in your pan, then use stainless steel wool to properly clean the pan. Once you are finished, Rinse and dry it, then add a layer of oil as protection.
4. Use salt when the time is right
This method is not new at all, in fact, it is quite old. You have to know your pan very well to use this method. You have to know that if your pan cools a lot, then food residue will be stuck to it like glue, and if it is hot, don’t try adding cold water to it, because you will end up damaging it. You should clean your warm pan by adding some salt to its surface, then using a scouring pad to scrub it. Once finished, use warm water to rinse, then dry it as you do to other dishes.
5. Get leverage with a potato 
To help scour your pan with salt, simply use half a potato because it helps to work the salt into your pan’s surface for easy and secure scouring. This method will probably blow your mind, who said that salt and potato can help you with your cast iron problems?
6. Ball up aluminum foil 
If you want to make a DIY scrubber, then use a ball of aluminum foil. Aluminum foil actually is a gentle tool that you can use to scrub your pan with without damaging its surface. However, you can only use the foil once, so throw it away after usage.
7. Recycle mesh produce bags 
You don’t need to spend money on scouring pads and sponges because you already have them laying around. Yes, you have them but you never noticed. The mesh plastic bags are excellent scouring tools for gentle and effective pan cleaning. All you have to do is fold them up and use a rubber band to secure them in place and you are good to go.