Don’t keep these 10 plants at home because they are dangerous


Plants are nice things to have around the house because of their aesthetic looks and their overall benefits, they keep the air clean and fresh and improves your house’s smell. However, you shouldn’t trust every plant you see because some are toxic for both humans and animals.

The plants that we are going to shed light on are really dangerous especially for young children and domestic animals especially if they started chewing them.

Plant poisoning does not occur just because of oral contact, but it happens also if you, your children, or pets started drinking water from the tray, getting plant sap on your skin, or by simply placing the potting soil in your mouths. So without further ado, here are 10 plants you shouldn’t plant at home.

1. Oleander

Source: TY Nursery

This is a plant that you have seen before but you never knew its name. It is often spotted in gardens, but you should know that it is a dangerous plant and it is considered one of the most toxic houseplants to humans and animals. If you deliberately or accidentally ingested one leaf, then you are probably going to die very soon if you don’t seek medical care immediately. And if you are lucky to survive death, then severe illness is going to be brought upon you. The dangers listed before were for adults, as for children, it can be even worse. As for your dogs or cats, this plant can cause vomiting, cold paws, and heart arrhythmia.

2. English ivy

Source: Southern Living

This plant is mostly sighted outside buildings, and it is known for its beautiful look and air-cleaning properties, but you shouldn’t be fooled because this plant is toxic to humans and animals. This plant won’t do much to you if you are an adult, but children are weaker and more vulnerable. This plant can cause skin irritation even inside of your mouth and throat, and it can lead to rash, fever, and trembling. As for animals, it causes trembling, vomiting, breathy difficulties, weakness, and diarrhea.

3. Caladium

Source: Southern Living

This is another famous garden plant that you most likely came across it several times. Overall this plant does not pose any dangers for human adults, but it is not the case for children and animals because if ingested, it can cause suffocation and breathing difficulties because it causes airways blockage.

4. Lilies

Source: Garden Design

This is a tempting plant that attracts eyes because of its beauty. But, you should know that it is one of the most toxic plants to have around at home especially if you own a cat. Not all lilies are dangerous but Easter lilies and calla lilies can be very dangerous. If ingested by a human being it causes diarrhea, distorted vision, and vomiting. As for cats, it causes kidney and liver failure.

5. Pothos

Source: Gardening Know How

Here’s another plant that you have seen before but never knew its name. Some people consider this plant to be some kind of ivy. This plant, if eaten, can lead to vomiting and diarrhea, and if touched can cause skin burns. As for domestic animals, it can lead to breathing difficulties and renal failure.

6. Philodendron

Source: The Sill

This is a plant that hides its toxicity through beauty. Yes, it looks beautiful but it produces oxalate crystals that are toxic to humans and extremely toxic for animals in general and cats in particular. This plant causes swellings and irritations in the mouth and intestines, and it can be lethal for children. As for domestic animals, it can cause spasms and probably death.

7. Arrowhead Plant

Source: Jordan’s Jungle

This plant is a family member of philodendron. Even though this plant holds the same benefits as its family member, it also causes vomiting, irritation, and diarrhea to human beings and more toxic for animals. This plant actually sheds many leaves which can lead to its ingestion by an animal or a kid.

8. Dieffenbachia

Source: Costa Farms

Here’s another philodendron family member that produces oxalate crystals. This plant is less dangerous than its relatives because it doesn’t cause any serious or dangerous complication. However, it can cause throat swelling and severe mouth pain.

9. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

Source: Den Garden

This is a toxic plant for both animals and humans even though it is not as lethal as other mentioned plants. If ingested it causes nausea and mouth pain, and if touched, it causes irritations. As for animals, it causes diarrhea, prompt drooling, discomfort, and vomiting.

10. Peace Lily

Source: The Pond Guy

If you think that this plant is a member of the lily family, then you’re wrong. This plant is dangerous for both humans and animals because if ingested by a human, it causes diarrhea, breathing difficulties, vomiting, and swelling. And if ingested by an animal it can cause renal failure.