Don’t throw out mesh produce bags; this is what you can do with them!


As everybody knows, more plastic means more danger to the environment. There’s a valid reason using plastic straws was forbidden in a lot of places. But you don’t need me to tell you that it’s hard to do some things without using plastic. Fortunately, there’s a great and easy way to repurpose the plastic mesh produce bags that lots of fruits and veggies come in.

These bags can contain many fruits and veggies, like avocados, oranges and onions. These can easily be repurposed in the kitchen. You can do that by making a sponge out of it that can be very useful and effective at scrubbing loose caked on food from your pots and pans. It’s  like steel sponge and a scouring pad combined, it’s great at removing stains and burns from your pots and pans.

Start by throwing out the ends of the mesh produce bag after snipping them off . Roll up one net into something that resembles a bow tie before tying a bit of string around it. You can bunch up a couple of nets if you have multiple nets then put them into another net and tie this closed.

This is what the sponges will look like:

mesh produce bags