Easy Homemade Dryer Sheets!


So far, we’ve done many valuable DIY cleaning detergents and solutions– so the time had come for I dallied with custom made dryer sheets as well! Some time back, I bookmarked a thought I saw over at “One Good Thing” & chose to try it. All things considered, it appeared to be sufficiently basic! The fixing list was very short, and that is constantly or more in my reality!

This is what you need:

The first formula called for a homemade cleansing agent, so I used that since I had gotten some for nothing with a coupon –  but I see no reason behind why you can’t use homemade fabric softener here.

You will require 1 section cleansing agent to 1 piece of water. It’s not advanced science, people.

Pour your cleaning detergent into a resealable holder. I used a Rubbermaid holder.

Now, fill the other half with water. You can top off the cleansing agent bottle with water on the off chance that you need to be exact, but I just eyeball it.

Toss in certain washcloths. Or wipes. Or also old (clean) socks that you never again have the matches as well. Every one of them will work, I picked the washcloths.


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