Father builds beautiful two-story playhouse for his children


Ellie and Violet are incredibly fortunate young girls. Their father, Adam Boyd, has crafted a magnificent two-story playhouse that many would dream of living in. Complete with a charming front porch, a second-floor balcony, a rock wall, and a slide, this playhouse is a childhood paradise.

Adam Boyd shared with ABC News that his wife and daughters frequently enjoy lunch in the playhouse during the summer. As a teacher, his wife’s summer break allows the girls to spend ample time in this delightful space. Building the playhouse took considerable time, with work being done on weekends and during his spare moments, but the end result was undeniably worth it.

The playhouse is equipped with a lounge area, a make-believe kitchen, a chalkboard wall, and a cozy play area on the first floor. What makes it even more special is the fact that the walls are painted a lovely shade of purple, a tribute to their daughter, Violet.

  1. Adam acknowledges that many, including friends and family, initially thought he was taking on an ambitious project. However, he’s overjoyed with how it turned out. He expressed his satisfaction, saying, “I’m pleased that I went through with it. It was a worthwhile investment, and Ellie and Violet will cherish it for years to come.”

pictures source: Spoiled Rotten Homes