Renters who remodel their laundry rooms using only dollar store products


Living in a rented home presents unique interior design challenges that differ from those faced by homeowners. Renters have limited control over their living space, but Tonya Payne, a blogger known as Hey Tonya, offers valuable insights. She managed to transform her rented laundry room with just $1 worth of store-bought items.

Before embarking on your laundry room remodel, consider some of Tonya’s straightforward recommendations to ensure your project’s success. Her advice includes employing a unified color scheme to create a more harmonious atmosphere. Tonya also suggests using wire shelves and attaching baskets and trash cans to these shelves using hooks and loops for efficient organization.

Tonya also emphasizes the importance of maximizing every available inch of wall space. Even though her laundry room consists of only a double-wide closet housing her washer and dryer, she’s managed to maintain neat organization for detergents and laundry supplies. Furthermore, she encourages you to make the space inviting and personalized, paying attention to the finer details to make it uniquely yours.

pictures source: Hey Tonya