Fix your car dent using boiling water


Car accidents are unfortunate events that sometimes can be dangerous and even deadly, it can vary from a small to a major one. Accidents are unpredictable and completely random. Even if you pay close attention to the road a reckless driver or sometimes car malfunctions can lead to accidents

If you had a dangerous accident, then you probably went through shock and trauma. But sometimes the accident leaves you harmless, but there are some collateral damages, for example, you were fine and got little to no injuries, but your car, on the other hand, is damaged and fixing it can be expensive. When you want to fix dents in your car after an accident you find out that other parts should be fixed too and you have to fix those problems to avoid any complications in the future. We know that you have enough things that suck the life out of your pocket and the last things you need are car expenses, that is why we got a simple yet very cheap way to fix dents in your car.

This method requires boiling water; that’s it. You will need boiling water and a toilet plunger. The method itself is super easy you just have to follow the following instructions.


  • Pour water in a kettle with and boil it.
  • When water starts boiling, take the kettle to the car and start pouring water onto the dent and the areas surrounding it. Proceed with caution because water is still hot and can cause serious damage
  • Grab the toilet plunger and put it around the dent and start pulling towards you slowly and carefully. Repeat this process for a few times to have better results.
  • Go out for a few minutes and when you’re back you will find out that the dent is completely gone.

Here is a youtube video explaining this method: