Genius Hack : A Useful Trick Using Dollar Store Sink


We parents spend too much time cleaning up after our children since we attempt to everything in the house.We never have enough storage space right? For example, the dreaded t-shirt drawer. Sometimes, some parents pull out all of their kids’ t-shirts  from their drawers then refold all of them and reorganize all of them. The drawer of course would look neat , until it unavoidably turns back into the drawer of disaster.

You wouldn’t need to worry about that anymore, because one smart mom came up with a genius idea for the dreaded t-shirt drawer dilemma that you’ll wished  you had known about it years ago. The YouTuber Kathryn of Do It On A Dime came up with the trick to take plastic sink mats from the dollar store, tape a few of them together then use all of them in place of those folding boards you see in many retail stores. It’s one of the easiest hacks you’ll find in this website and  will make your t-shirt drawer look very organized that it will satisfy your OCD!