Tips To Fix A Hole In Your Clothing Without Sewing


Clothes tear, no denying that. A protruding nail, a shard of glass, rough treatment, low quality even, all of them wear down clothes, and there is simply no escaping. But what if there is a way around it? What if you could fix the holes? Here’s an easy-do method that even the most two left-handed of us could apply! And it only requires fusing web and an iron!

source: YouTube/Classy Cheapskate

How to:

  • Turn the damaged article of clothing inside out
  • Cut a patch of the fusing web twice the size of the hole
  • Pinch the fabric around the hole so as to hide it from view and then cover it with the fusing web patch
  • Take the pre-heated iron and set it on “wool.” Put some wax paper between the fusion web and the iron to avoid the former sticking to the latter
  • Keep the iron pressed gently on the fusing web for 10 seconds.

source: YouTube/Classy Cheapskate

source: YouTube/Classy Cheapskate

5 easy steps and voilà! problem solved. Now, you can wear your favourite shirt again!

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