Get rid of headaches and muscle pain using magnesium water


Headaches and muscle pain are such a bad and annoying thing to have because they make you feel hopeless and completely drained out. These two can be a result of magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is a key element for disease prevention and has much more health uses. However, if you have low levels of magnesium you are at risk of having heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, and diabetes.

If you suffer from tiredness, appetite loss, nausea, body weakness, and vomiting, then this is a strong sign of magnesium, but if you have seizures, abnormal heart rhythms, and cramps, then this is a strong sign that you are in an advanced and very bad stage.

You should start taking magnesium more often not to only relief muscle pains and headaches, but to keep it at healthy levels to prevent any further complications due to its deficiency. Magnesium can be found in topical oils that can help you reduce cramps, spasms, and most importantly, muscle stiffness, on top of that, it can even lead to natural muscle recovery.

To increase magnesium levels, there are many possibilities, and one of the most famous methods is the magnesium bicarbonate drinks method that requires you to drink the magnesium bicarbonate drinks. However, these drinks can be a little bit too pricy, but you can make a DIY version at home

This method can help you digest food more efficiently, help your body absorb more nutrients, detoxify cells, and increase energy levels. The best part is: you can make the magnesium bicarbonate drink at home, just follow this next recipe.

But first, here are the needed ingredients:

  • A liter bottle of fully carbonated unflavored seltzer water, and make sure that it contains water and carbon dioxide only, and if you want an alternative, add some sodium to club soda.
  • 3 tablespoons of Magnesia Milk

To make the drink follow these directions:

Start by chilling the one-liter bottle of fully carbonated unflavored seltzer water, then start shaking the Magnesia Milk bottle thoroughly and measure 3 tablespoons and put them aside. Once done, remove the chilled seltzer from the fridge with extreme caution and avoid shaking or irritating it to avoid losing a lot of CO2. Once the hissing noise becomes less intense, add the three tablespoons of Magnesia Milk. When you’re done, seal the water bottle again and start shaking the solution until the liquid becomes cloudy, then let it sit for 30 minutes and the liquid should be clear again and all of the undissolved magnesium particles will settle down in the bottom of the bottle. You are basically done, and you can drink it, but if you dislike the taste of it, you can add lemon for a better taste if you want.

Make sure to repeat this process again to make sure that all of the undissolved magnesium hydroxides react with the CO2 to become dissolved magnesium and bicarbonate. Now, simply put the bottle in your refrigerator and make sure not to drink more than a single cup a day because you can have loose stools.

Side note: If you notice that the bottle sides are caved in, don’t worry because that’s just a sign that means “THE REACTION IS COMPLETE”