Amazing 14 Hacks Using Ziploc Bags That’ll Actually Make Cooking Easier

Ziploc bags are used mainly for food storage or item holdings, but their true form and true abilities are used by very few people. You might not think that Ziploc bags can be used to start a fire or do any of these next 14 things.
1. Tablet protector. 
If you love cooking and use your tablet to search for recipes, then put it inside a Ziploc bag for protection. Don’t worry, the touch screen works even through the bag.
2. Ice packs. 
Pour water into different Ziploc bags and put them in the freezer and keep them frozen to use them on bumps and sprains.
3. Kitchen funnel. 
If you are familiar with pouring rice or similar small things, then you know the mess they leave behind and the amount of effort needed to clean them up. You can solve that by simply filling a Ziploc bag with any small substance you want, then cut the bag above the container that you want to fill and leave it to gravity to take care of the rest.
4. Piping bag. 
This technique is similar to the previous one, just cut off a corner from the bag and fill it with whatever you want to pipe, then start squeezing carefully the wanted amount. This method can be used for piping frozen yogurt dots on cookie sheets, then freeze it to get delicious ice cream.
5. Better marinade. 
Start by putting all of the ingredients in the Ziploc bag and allow the juices to get seeped in the fish, vegetables, or meat for a whole night to get a spectacular marinade.
6. Stop mohair from shedding. 
Seal and freeze a Ziploc bag filled with a folded Angola or mohair garment for at least three hours to prevent hair from getting shed.
7. Stretch shoes. 
If your new shoes are tight, then fill 2 Ziploc bags with water and put each one inside a shoe, then freeze them for a whole night and you will be surprised to know that your shoes fit once you put them on after doing this.
8. Clean jeans. 
If you want to make your jeans feel like new pants, simply fold then put them in a Ziploc bag. Seal it then put it in a freezer for a week. Once you wear them again, you’ll notice the difference.
9. Clean a showerhead. 
Pour white vinegar in a Ziploc bag, then put the shower head inside the bag as well. Close it using a rubber band and let it sit for a whole night. Use the shower head the following day and you will notice that it has no lime deposits and it is unclogged.
10. Organize cords. 
Label Ziploc bags with the name of the items and props you want to put inside them. This way you will keep things tidy and you’ll know the location of everything you have.
11. Sort medications. 
If the doctor prescribed you a lot of medications to take in specific times, then use a small bag to sort them out whenever you want to go on a vacation or even at home. You can use this too if you are taking care of someone that takes a lot of medications.
12. Line a makeup bag. 
Keep your makeup bag clean by lining it with a Ziploc bag.
13. DIY sachet. 
If you want to have nice and refreshing smells going around your house, simply fill a Ziploc bag with a fragrant herb of your choice then use a sewing pen to poke holes in the Ziploc bag.
14. Store shoes. 
If you want to travel and you don’t have enough time to wash your shoes, simply put them in big Ziploc bags to avoid
When traveling, pack shoes inside large Ziploc plastic bags to prevent transferring dirt from your shoes to your clothes.