Hacks That Will Make You Better And Faster At Cleaning


Cleaning is one of the most hated and difficult house chores ever, but it is something that needs to be done to avoid living in a trash bin. I t is a difficult task, but the dirty work has to be done for a clean and healthy household. Many people complain that the hours spent on scrubbing and cleaning were wasted shortly after as if they haven’t done anything.

Lucky for you, we bring you today genuine cleaning tips that can help you clean easily and end up with noticeable results.

1- Kitchen

Get rid of the greasy film off your kitchen cabinets

Cooking regularly leads to greasy buildups on cabinets near the stove and some appliances as well. To clean the nasty film off, dab a paper towel in some vegetable pol and use it to wipe over the greasy film.


Use stove-top liners

Scrubbing away the residue and solid baked food stuck on your stove is usually the common approach. However, you can save time and efforts by simply replacing the liners.

source: AMAZON

Clean your cutting board

Cutting boards are useful and easy to use, but they can be a household for germs, that is why you should clean them regularly by coating them with kosher salt and scrubbing them with half a lemon. Once done, rinse the boards lightly and dry them.


Clean your dishwasher with a lemon Kool-Aid packet

You can fight the stains by emptying the dishwasher and running it with a packet of kool-aid.

source: YOUTUBE

Foil your glass

If you have debris stuck on your cookware, then scrunch a tin foil into a ball, then add some water and soap to it before scrubbing away everything.


2- Bathroom

Clean up your dirty sinks the natural way

Sinks can get really dirty, up to a point where it’s really hard to clean them. To solve that problem, cut a lemon in half, then pour baking soda in a small dish. Once done, sprinkle the baking soda all over the dirty sink and squeeze fresh lemon juice on the baking soda. Take the other lemon half and use it as a sponge to scrub the messy sink. Now turn on the faucet and rinse away the residue.


Wall wash

Use an all-purpose cleaner to wash your walls without damaging the paint job


Clean up nasty tile buildup in the shower

Most people use soap to wash while showering not knowing that that habit actually leads to the nasty tile buildup in the shower because of the oils contained in soap bars. You can use shower gel as an alternative because it acts as detergent as well.


Clean the bathroom fan

You can clean your bathroom fan without disassembling everything. Use a can of compressed air instead. All you have to do is turn the fan on and blast it with the can of compressed air. Once done, dust the bathroom and make sure to do this task two times a year.


Give the loo a proper scrub

Make sure to scrub under the rim when cleaning the toilet bowl and make sure to remove the toilet seat a couple of times a year to gain access to all the crevices.


3- Laundry

Wash your clothes in pepper

To prevent your clothes from bleeding, add a teaspoon of pepper into the wash. This method will maintain the brightness of your clothes for a longer time than expected.


Chalk it off

If you have grease stains on your clothes, then rub a little bit of chalk into the grease stain as fast as you can, then wash the piece of clothing normally.


Cheap sneaker scrub

If your sneakers are dirty, then grab some toothpaste and an old toothbrush. First, get rid of the loose debris before dampening the outside part of your sneakers. Once done, dab the stained areas with toothpaste and start scrubbing with the toothbrush. Now, wipe away everything and rinse normally.


Disaster cleanup

Candle wax

If candle wax was spilled on your carpet and you don’t know how to get rid of it, then put a paper bag on top of the spill and run a hot iron on top of it so that the heat can melt the was and the paper bag soaks it.


Paint on your clothes

Paint stains are hard to clean, but not impossible, so don’t toss away clothing with paint stains. Instead, get a disposable razor and use it to shave the paint away, but make sure to be gentle. If the stained clothes are 100% cotton, then do not use this method because you’ll end up tearing them.

Spilled eggnog

If you have spilled eggnog on your carpet, don’t lose hope, but grab a nail polish remover and dish soap, and blot the stain with the nail polish remover before spraying it with soap and water.