How to keep your laundry appliances in a good shape


These days, washers and dryers are household essentials even though they are quite expensive, that is why their owners do whatever they can to keep them in good shape. Things like annual checks, getting them oiled and cleaned can have a major impact on their lifespan.

If somehow you face technical difficulties or electrical problems that are out of your expertise, then calling for professionals is an essential thing to avoid messing things up even more. Without further ado, here are 9 tips to help you keep your laundry appliances in good shape.

1. Clean dryer ducts and lint traps

If your dryer is not operating as well as it used to, then it is probably because of lint build-ups and clogged ducts. Make sure to remove the ductwork that is attached to your dryer’s back and the one leading to the exterior vent. Use a vent brush to clean the insides if you are dealing with smooth metal ducts. As for lint traps, use a bottle to gain access into the crevices.

2. Follow instructions

Sometimes, the manual should not be thrown away because it has details about the maximum loads your dryer or washing machine can take. Sometimes, damages happen because of overloads.

3. Replace worn-out hoses

Hoses should be checked uppon regularly, that is why you should keep an eye on every hose that leads from the washing to make sure that they’re in good conditions. If somehow you find out that the hoses are in a bad condition, then replace them with good ones (make sure that they are long enough to move the machine).

4. Air it out

It’s a well-known fact that moisture leads to mildew one way or another. To avoid having moisture sitting around in your machine, leave the door or lid open after every load so that fresh can circulate through it and dry off excess moisture.

5. Proper placement

Make sure that your washing machine has at least 4 inches between it and the wall that sits behind it to lower the risks of kinking hoses and to prevent your machine from hitting the wall when it starts shaking crazy. On the other hand, dryers have to be situated to give some space for the ductwork.

6. Keep the interior clean

It is not a surprise that washing machines buildup soap residue. If you want to avoid cleaning the washing machine without any harmful chemicals, make sure to run an empty cycle with hot water, white vinegar, and baking soda.

7. Keep it level

New models have feet that can be raised or lowered, but older models lack this feature. You have to make sure that your washing machine and dryer level to avoid them shaking and getting damaged. If your machine does not have raisable legs, then you can use a shim to level it.

8. Use the correct detergent

Back in the days, all washing machines were washed with the same detergent, and now, with technological advancement, there are specialized detergents that have different purposes. Make sure to use the detergent that fits in with your machine, and you have to make sure to use the recommended dose, no more, no less.

9. Clean outside vents

Keeping the vents’ exterior clean is as important as keeping the entire thing clean. Simply, use a vent brush to clean the dryer vent that leads outside. Simply twirl the brush a couple of times, remove it, then shake off the lint until the brush becomes clean. Once done, remove the vent hood from the outside to check for clogs, if you find’em, clean them.