Here’s why you should start eating ice cream for breakfast

Everyone loves ice cream and everyone is concerned about developing health issues related to sugar consumption, but ice cream has its own fair share of benefits. Professor Yoshihiko Koga from Kyoring University said that ice cream can impact mental performances positively and can enhance alertness.
Professor Koga conducted a study where he had two groups of participants, ones took ice cream right after waking up and the others didn’t. He compared the brain activities of both groups and what he found was truly stunning. Those who took ice cream right after waking up had less mental irritation and faster reaction times
However, this study is a little bit questionable because it is said that it’s supported by a sweets company and the original website where this story had been first covered, offered no direct link to the study, and this raises some concern and suspicion as well.
Before jumping into any conclusions let’s do a more reasonable comparison between homemade ice cream and commercial ice creams. Homemade ice creams are usually made from whole milk, egg yolks, heavy cream, and sugar (there may be other ingredients but those are additions that vary from person to person). On the other hand, commercial ice creams usually contain pectin, soybean oil, and corn syrup.
To confirm your suspicion, commercial ice creams are not healthy because they contain 14 grams of fat, 260 calories, and 23 grams of sugar. Does it look like a healthy thing to consume? On the other hand, some cereals like Cheerios are great because they contain only 2 grams of fat and a gram of sugar.
Consuming large amounts of sugar can be very dangerous and can lead to serious health problems like heart disease. Sugar can be very dangerous to overweight people and can be sometimes life-threatening, as, for healthy and fit people, it does not get any safer because sugar can present those threats to them too
Women are advised to eat no more than 100 sugar calories per day and men should not consume more than 150 sugar calories per day. Eating a single serving of ice cream contains almost 100% of the daily sugar dose recommended to consume, that is why eating ice cream for breakfast is such a bad idea.
If you are not yet convinced by the dangers of sugar, here’s another life threat that sugar offers. Sugar charges cancer cells because it creates an acidic environment that cancer absolutely loves, and at the same time suppresses the immune system, which is why sugar is linked to prostate cancer, pancreas cancer, breast cancer, and endometrium cancer. Not to mention the direct link between sugar and obesity.
Eating ice cream for breakfast is a BAD IDEA.