Here’s why you should start using honey and cinnamon


Honey and cinnamon are very famous in the cooking and in the health field as well. Without a doubt, they’re one of the healthiest natural compounds ever because of the numerous healthy properties they have to offer. Lately, everyone went crazy about the miraculous combination of cinnamon and honey.

The two ingredients are miraculous on their own, no wonder why their mixture led to such wonderful feedback. Without any further ado, here are the health benefits of the honey and cinnamon combination.

1- Clogged Arteries

Cinnamon can actually reduce bad triglycerides in the blood by 30% and LDL (also known as bad cholesterol) by 27%, both of those matters lead to cardiovascular disease. These results (of course) were not made up because this was an examination distributed by the Journal of Diabetes Technology Society in 2010.

2- Honey treats flu, strengthens the immune system and suppresses cough

A cinnamon and honey tea is more than able to mitigate the side effects of your cold. Drinking the tea all the way through the day is more than enough to mitigate the cold effects. Furthermore, both cinnamon and honey can treat diabetes (make sure to moderate the use of honey to avoid raising the level of blood glucose).

3- Common Colds

Both cinnamon and honey have antimicrobial, antibacterial, and cell reinforcement properties that can help you treat colds and flu.

4- Urinary Tract Infections

Cinnamon is ranked the fourth most strong plant that can deal with urinary tract infections among 28 other plants. The results were sown in an examination distributed in the Iran Journal of Medical Sciences.

5- Allergy Relief

Honey is very effective when it comes to calming down the side effects of some allergies because it reinforces the immunity. The side effects can be triggered by dust parasites that can cause, asthma, dermatitis, and rhinitis. The best way to get rid of dust mites is by using cinnamon leaf oil because it can wreck dust vermin better than benzyl benzoate. Add cinnamon leaf oil to refined water, pour the solution in a spray bottle and start spraying the linens, mattresses, and curtains to terminate dust mites.