Here’s why you should stop storing bread on the kitchen counter


Bread is one of humanity’s best inventions, it tastes good, it can be used in many recipes, saves your life if you want to grab a midnight snack, but a stale piece of bread is something we all hate, and eating an entire loaf of bread in a single meal is a hard thing to do. Some people choose to wrap the bread in paper bags and store it on their kitchen counters, but that is not the ideal thing. Let’s find out why.

People choose to wrap bread loaves in paper or plastic bags and put them on kitchen counters to keep them reachable whenever they need to a slice to make a sandwich. But, there are people that choose to put bread loaves in freezers right after buying them, but why exactly do they do that? Well, the main reason is eating fresh bread slices all the time. When freezing bread, you maintain its quality and when you defrost it, it’s like eating it new. Well, this seems better than the kitchen counter storage.


Another convincing reason is the fact that keeping bread on the counter can make it mouldy very quickly because the room temperature is the ideal temperature for mould growth and development. Mouldy spots will start appearing on the bread after a few days only if left on the kitchen counter and eating mouldy bread is not something you want to do because it will most likely cause an allergic reaction. For this reason alone, I see that storing bread in the freezer and taking out a piece at a time is the ideal thing to do.