How do you add a delicious touch to grilled cheese?


Grilled cheese is truly one of the easiest foods in the world to make. Just mix some bread and cheese together, put the sandwich in a frying pan and you have a grilled cheese. While there’s nothing wrong with making grilled cheese as quickly and easily as possible, the tip we’re about to share with you will make your next grilled cheese sandwich 100 times more delicious.

source: The Beating Hearth

According to Pure Wow, you should use mayonnaise, not butter, on your grilled cheese. All you have to do is put a nonstick pan on low heat. Instead of buttering the outer pieces of bread, spread an even layer of mayonnaise on them. Let the bread cook until it turns golden brown, then flip the sandwich over and repeat with the other side.

source: Kristy Makes

So what difference does mayonnaise make? First of all, mayonnaise spreads much more easily than butter. This is especially helpful when you’re spreading it on a softer loaf of bread, to prevent it from crumbling and tearing. Second, mayonnaise has a higher smoke point, which means it doesn’t burn as easily as butter. Finally, the oil and egg in mayonnaise allow the bread to brown well and give the crust a creamy flavor.

Now that you know this simple but game-changing tip, your grilled cheese sandwiches will become your family’s favorite meal!