How do you determine if the honey sold in stores is “fake”?


Did you know that over 75% of the honey sold in major grocery stores in the United States is far from what our bee friends produce? Food Safety News conducted a study that revealed surprising data showing that pollen from most products labeled “honey” has been filtered out.

source: Beekeeping Honey Bees

Food Safety News explains that when there is no more pollen in products labelled “honey”, it becomes impossible to determine whether the so-called honey comes from even safe or legitimate sources. The study explains that 77% of the honey sold in large chain stores such as Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart and Target has been filtered.

source: Greenopedia / Alamy

Fortunately, the study also found that honey sold in stores modeled after farmers’ markets, such as Trader Joe’s and PCC, contained “the expected total amount of pollen. What does this mean? When it comes to honey, try to buy from farmers’ markets and local sources – there’s a much greater chance that what you’re selling is actually honey.