How do you keep lettuce fresh for weeks?


Food is expensive, and to me, there are few things worse than food waste. Sometimes it feels like we bring home a bunch of produce, blink three times, and some fruits and vegetables have already gone bad. It seems to me that of all the produce we buy on a regular basis, lettuce is one that goes bad the fastest. Luckily, one food blogger shared a tip for preserving lettuce that has gone viral because it’s so simple and effective.

As BuzzFeed reports, food blogger Lama Bazzi, of the Taste Great Foodie blog, shared a tip for storing lettuce that she first heard from her husband, who learned the trick while working at a restaurant. “My husband taught me to submerge carrots or celery in a water-filled container, covered in the fridge, so they would stay fresh longer. I’ve been doing it ever since, but recently decided I should try it with lettuce, and it worked like a charm!” explains Lama.

In a quick but informative video from TikTok, Lama puts a few pieces of lettuce in a glass jar, then pours water to submerge the lettuce. He recommends placing a piece of paper towel over the opening to soak up some of the moisture before putting the lid on, but this step isn’t totally necessary. This trick keeps the lettuce crisp and fresh instead of brown and soggy, and even keeps the lettuce fresh for a month.

Although you can leave the same water in the jar for up to two weeks, Lama recommends changing the water every other day to keep the lettuce as fresh as possible. Before seeing this trick in action, I never would have believed it was possible to keep lettuce fresh for a month, let alone a week. It’s a super handy trick to use if you’re going out of town for a while and don’t want to waste lettuce. But it’s also a great way to reduce food waste in general. Thanks for sharing this awesome tip, Lama.

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