How To Clean A George Foreman Grill Without Using Any Elbow Grease


A quintessential addition to every kitchen, the George Foreman grill, remains an indispensable asset, proving its worth time and time again. This versatile appliance steps in as a savior, allowing you to grill scrumptious sandwiches or cook mouthwatering burgers when adverse weather conditions thwart your outdoor barbecue plans. However, like all things in life, it boasts its advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps one of the less favored aspects, at least in my opinion, is the rather intricate process of cleaning it.

If you’re the proud owner of a George Foreman grill or any countertop grill for that matter, you’re likely familiar with the rapid buildup of stubborn grease and charred food residues. At times, it can appear nearly impossible to restore its pristine condition, no matter how vigorously you scrub. Nevertheless, a brilliant, hassle-free cleaning method was discovered by a resourceful blogger known as Judith’s Mama.

Once your culinary masterpiece has been grilled to perfection, the first step is to unplug your trusty grill. Then, take three to four sheets of paper towel and dampen them slightly. Afterward, unfurl the paper towels, arranging them into a square shape. Place these layers of damp paper towels directly onto the grill’s surface and subsequently close the grill. Now, you can take a well-deserved break and enjoy your meal, all while leaving your grill closed for at least an hour.

When the hour has passed, open your grill and remove the paper towels. What you’ll find is nothing short of astonishing. The paper towels have diligently undertaken the task of removing all the stubbornly adhered burnt food and grease residue from your grill. The best part? You won’t need to employ excessive scrubbing or risk damaging your beloved George Foreman grill. Armed with this effortless yet highly effective hack, you can revitalize your grill with ease and relish its restored sparkle and cleanliness.

Incorporating this simple yet ingenious cleaning method into your routine ensures that your George Foreman grill remains in pristine condition, ready to serve up delectable delights whenever you desire. So, don’t wait any longer—embrace this cleaning hack and keep your grill in top-notch shape for culinary adventures to come!

SOURCE :  photo : bunnings