How To Clean A George Foreman Grill Without Using Any Elbow Grease


One of the most important items every one of us should have in our kitchens is a George Foreman grill. You always get your money’s worth out of this useful thing. From grilling your sandwiches, to cooking burgers when it’s too rainy or snowy outside for a barbecue. But everything has its pros and cons. And the thing I personally hate the most about my George Foreman grill is how tricky it is to clean it.

If you have this awesome grill or any other type of countertop grill, you’ll know how quickly they become coated in grease and burnt-food residue. It can seem impossible to clean them no matter how hard you scrub. But this one blogger called Judith’s Mama found an awesome, effortless, easy method to clean a George Foreman grill with almost doing nothing.

When you finish grilling your food, unplug your grill, wet three to four pieces of paper towel and wire them out. Unfold the paper towels back to create a square shape, layer them on top of each other and place them directly on your grill. Close it and go have your meal while keeping it closed for at least an hour.

After an hour, remove the paper towels, and enjoy your clean grill again! The paper towels do the job of removing all the burnt food and the grease stuck from your grill without having to use an excessive amount of scrubbing and risking to damage your George Foreman grill. Now you know this effortless hack, go clean your grill and enjoy its sparkle and cleanliness again.