How to Clean White Shoes at Home and Keep Your Kicks Looking Fresh


Nobody buys white sneakers thinking they’ll stay splendid and grime-free perpetually, however when the unavoidable spills, stains, and scrapes occur, it’s just normal to trust you can reestablish them to their unblemished state.

Before you toss grimy or recolored canvas shoes in the clothes washer, attempt hand cleaning them with a material or delicate brush rather, advises Carolyn Forte, chief of the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab. The machine may harm your shoes if the cycle is excessively forceful, and in case you’re managing cowhide, you have to maintain a strategic distance from it no matter what.

In fact, ConversDishwashinge and Nike, explicitly caution their customers against machine washing or drying their sneakers. Adidas also recommends cleaning shoes the DIY way. The uplifting news: It’s extremely simple to do at home, and you likely as of now have every one of the provisions close by. This is what you’ll require:

  1. Magic Eraser Cleaning Pads
  2. Dishwashing liquid soap
  3. Multi-use soft bristle brush

How To Clean White Canvas Sneakers

  • To restore white canvas tennis shoes like Vans or Converse back to their brilliant white tone, follow these means:
  • Loosen and take off the shoelaces.
  • Utilize a delicate brush to evacuate free soil, including along the elastic edge and tongue.