How To Clean Your Hair Brush In Minutes!

I don’t know if you’re like me or not, yet there are errands, cleaning tasks and things that I have to arrange and I think, “I will do that today.”

And then I don’t. And then the next day I think, “I am certainly going to do that TODAY!” But then I don’t. And before I know it, seven days have passed.  Or perhaps a month.  But that is all I will admit.

No, I could let nothing that I have to clean go a recent month. No I would not. Never. Recently I have been feeling that route about my hair brush. I expected to clean it daily back. Or then again perhaps it was seven days back. Would it be able to truly have been a month?


Fortunately, today was the day!  This cleaning venture that I have been pondering for quite a long time.

1.  Taking some scissors, trim the hair in the brush the long way down each second or third line ensuring you are trimming in the middle of the fibers.


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