How to declutter your entire house with the “1-Day Dump” method?


I always like to start the new year by giving my house a thorough cleaning. Not only do I want everything to be sparkling clean, but I also want to say goodbye to clutter. However, this task can seem overwhelming and it can be hard to know where to start. If you find yourself in a similar situation, let us introduce you to the “1-Day Dump” method.

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Liz from Love + Marriage explains that while this method is unconventional, it’s the fastest and least stressful way to declutter your home. In each room of your home that needs to be de-cluttered (which could very well be every room), Liz explains that you take everything and throw it in a trash can.

When we say everything, we mean almost everything. With the exception of furniture and the essentials (your toothbrush, toaster, TV remote, etc.), pack everything into bins. You’re not throwing this stuff out, so don’t panic. Label each bin with the room that the stuff came from, and store it in your basement.

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The logic behind this method is that once you’ve emptied a room of everything in it, you can start to realize what is needed and remove it from the bin. However, chances are that you don’t miss the majority of what’s in those bins, and that’s when it’s time to donate all those unnecessary items. If you’re serious about tackling the clutter in your home, the 1-Day Dump program might be the perfect place to start!