How to Deodorize a Smelly Trash Can with Cotton Balls


All you need to use this tip is a cotton ball and your favorite essential oil. Simply soak the cotton ball with essential oils and place it in the bottom of the trash bag when you replace it with a new trash bag. The essential oils will eliminate any unpleasant odors and leave everything smelling fresh and clean.

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It can be very embarrassing when you have guests over and suddenly realize that something smells bad. That smell is most likely the trash can, and the stench will linger for several hours even after you remove the bag. Thankfully, with this simple trick, you can keep your trash can smelling great no matter what you put in it.

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If the items you put in the trash stink, simply throw in another cotton ball when the trash starts to smell bad. As for essential oils, citrus and peppermint oils tend to work better than other scents.

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That’s it! In this day and age, most people have at least one, if not a complete set of essential oils. Most people have a bag of cotton balls hanging in their bathroom cupboard. This trick is cheap, easy, and will save you from future embarrassment with a smelly trash can.

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Home odors are unavoidable, but with these two ingredients, you can eliminate them in no time. All you need is a cotton ball and your favorite essential oil or vanilla essence, and you have a DIY air freshener.

Scenario 1: Your refrigerator smells like leftover lasagna.

Solution: give the refrigerator shelves a quick wipe down with all-purpose cleaner to make sure there are no spills left behind. Soak a cotton ball with the cleaner (vanilla flavored cleaner is recommended) and place it on the plate at the back of the shelf. The sweet aroma will pervade the refrigerator until the cotton ball dries. When dry, replace with a new one.

Scenario 2: The trash bag is not full yet, but it has already begun to smell.

Solution: Throw it out before the trash bag is full and stop wasting trash bags. Instead, put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a cotton ball and place it between the liner and the trash can. The scent of the essential oil will permeate the trash can and mask most odors until you are ready to dispose of the trash.

Scenario 3: You want to smell good while vacuuming the trash can.

Solution: there are two ways to do this. If your vacuum cleaner has a bag, you can soak a cotton ball with your favorite scent and place it in the bag to spread the scent as you clean. Or, soak the cotton with a few drops of essential oil and diffuse it throughout the room. Vacuum up the debris and the space will be filled with the fresh scent of essential oils.

Finally, if you need to remove the dregs of a hard surface seal, you can do so with the same materials. Dip a cotton ball in essential oil (we prefer eucalyptus oil) and rub it over the residue or grease to remove it. Done! With two ingredients, the possibilities are endless throughout the house.