How to detect symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbone monoxide poisoning is dangerous and should not be underestimated. According to some statistics, nearly 430 Americans die each year because of carbon monoxide poisoning. And other statistics showed that nearly 20,000 emergencies happened because of carbon monoxide poisoning. You can prevent the emergency case or even fatality, but you should know that carbon monoxide has no scent, that is why knowing some times you realize that you are poisoned only when it is too late.
The pediatric injury prevention coordinator at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital Susan Katz said that the most frequent carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms are DIZZINESS, DROWSINESS, STOMACH PROBLEMS, and HEADACHE. Of course, there are other symptoms like short breaths, general weakness, confusion, and blurry vision. If you or someone you know have all of these symptoms simultaneously, then fresh air should be provided quickly.
Some times other symptoms are thought to be carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms even though they aren’t like fatigue or flu. Experiencing symptoms at home only can be a strong sign that there is a gas leak, and if you have a pet, pay close attention to it because if it shows similar symptoms, then there is no question about it, it is a gas leak.
If you think that gas is leaking, don’t try to look for the leakage source, instead, turn off any device that’s gas related and open your windows, then head straight out of the house for some fresh air. Once you are out, call the emergency services and do a blood or breath test. If someone happens to have carbon monoxide poisoning then medical care should be provided as soon as possible because if not treated, dangerous complications might occur especially if the affected person was a kid or an elder, some times if the poisoning is not treated, then expect permanent brain damage, fatal heart complications, and death. So it is crucial to seek medical as soon as possible.


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