6 legit and non legit ways to deal with your stuffy nose

It is flu season and you can’t escape the stuffy nose suffering. If you suffer from it, then you know how hard it is and how frustrating it gets. Generally, stuffy noses are common especially during the winter season and you can either treat this condition using medication or other alternatives
Lucky for you, there are ways to deal with a stuffy nose before considering a doctor visit and taking medications. Here 6 legit and non-legit ways to deal with your stuffy nose.
Megit methods
1. Moisture.
You can find a happy place while having a stuffy nose by inhaling water vapor or steam. There are many ways to do this, you can either inhale steam when you are making tea, take a hot shower, turn on the humidifier, or relaxing in a steaming tub. Your choice does not really matter, what matters is the final result.
2. Rinse. 
Use a nasal rinse in order to irrigate the nasal passages. It is recommended to use a Neti pot. It usually comes with a rinse that can be used in the pot.
3. Eucalyptus oil.
The strong and beautiful scent of eucalyptus can help you clear things out. It is recommended to use eucalyptus oil whilst in a pot full of water that allows steam to be scattered in the air. If you can’t find eucalyptus oil, then the leaves will do the job, just take them and place them in a pot full of hot water, then watch the magic as it happens.
4. Warm compress.
Soak a towel or a washcloth in warm water, then place right on your face exactly on top of the sinus passageways. The compress actually generates heat that can help you deal with the ongoing discomfort, and it can also clear the passages.
Non-legit methods
5. Spicy foods.
A rumor started going around claims that spicy foods can unclog passages and people recommend eating cayenne pepper and horseradish. Some people recommend the usage of cayenne pepper as a tea component by mixing 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper with 8 ounces of hot water. Others recommend mixing horseradish with olive oil and lemon then proceeding to place it on a cracker. These methods are so popular yet there is no scientific or experimental evidence that backs up these claims, for now, these are only claims.
6. Apple cider vinegar.
Another method that went viral is the mix of 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a tablespoon of honey and 8 ounces of hot water, then drinking it for 6 days straight to find comfort. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that backs up this method.
To keep mucous fluid, make sure to have enough water and liquids going through your system. If you can’t find relief no matter what you try, then you should seek medical assistance.