How to get rid of cigarette odors in a house?


There are few things worse than moving into a new home and finding that the previous owners were smokers. Or maybe you’re the one who smokes, but you’re ready to make a change and get that awful smell out of your own home. Whatever the case, this process will help you banish cigarette odors once and for all.

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First, you need to ventilate the house as best you can. Open the windows and turn on the ceiling fans if you have them. Next, you’ll want to remove all the fabrics and linens you can. Put bedding, curtains, small rugs, towels, shower curtains, etc. in the washing machine. Use a hot water cycle and you may have to wash the load one more time.

Next, it’s time to tackle upholstery and fabrics that can’t be thrown in the washing machine. Sprinkle a good amount of baking soda on upholstery, rugs and even mattresses. Let the baking soda sit for a few hours before vacuuming.

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Next, it’s time to clean the hard surfaces of your home. Since cigarette smoke gets into almost everything, you’ll need to clean countertops, baseboards, floors and maybe even walls. Use a warm soapy water solution, and a stronger cleaner like PineSol is also a good option. Just be sure to leave the windows open when using a stronger cleaner!

Another great tip for getting rid of lingering cigarette odors is to soak a piece of white bread in vinegar and place it on a plate. Place these plates in every room of your home. The bread will absorb the lingering odors. Leave the piece of bread for a day before throwing it away.

source: Natural Cures/YouTube / Household Hacker/YouTube

Finally, you should change all the air filters in your home. This will ensure that you have clean, odorless air flowing through your home. While getting rid of cigarette smoke takes a little effort, we hope these helpful tips will put you on the right track.