How To Give Your Laundry A Serious Boost Without Spending More Money


It is good that we have chosen to renovate our laundry room, because it seems that I spend a lot of time there. I feel like I spend half my life going from the washer to the dryer, folding and sorting clothes in endless piles. Does anyone else care?! My children are very hard on their clothes, and I am constantly cleaning the grass and food stains, sometimes without success.

source: Flickr

Luckily, a Facebook user shared a tip that made a big difference: increase your laundry load without spending extra money on expensive laundry products. Debbie Walls Watts explained that she poured some of Dawn’s liquid dish soap (the blue kind) into the bottom of her washing machine before pouring it on her clothes. Apparently, her whites end up whiter, the stubborn stains come out clean, the clothes smell fresher, and the washing machine is always brightly clean afterwards.

I mean, it makes a lot of sense. Dawn’s dish soap has many uses. In Debbie’s post comments, some users explained that they use Dawn dishwashing soap to treat grease stains. As you probably know, grease is one of the most difficult stains to remove, and Dawn is very resistant to grease. It works on your dishes, so why wouldn’t it work on your clothes!