How to Keep Snakes Away: 8 Steps


A snake bite can be dangerous and in most cases lethal, that is why you have to make sure that there are none around the house. Snakes if left alone won’t pose any threat but if they were surprised, then a bite should be expected. Sadly, very small actions can surprise them, that is why they are always on high alert mode. Instead of killing them or using chemicals, here are 8 alternatives for you to try.

1. Cut Off The Food Supply

source: Backyard Birds

Snakes can eat mice, rats, rabbits, discarded birdseed, and fruits. If it happens that you have a compost bin, make sure o seal it very well, and if you have bird feeders, then make sure that they stay in your garden and far away from the house.

2. Plant Lemongrass

source: Garden Betty

In addition to mosquitos, snakes absolutely hate the citrusy smell. By planting lemongrass, you will have a citrusy smell all around the house which will keep snakes at bay.

3. Citrus Solution

source: Tori Avey

As we said before, snakes hate the smell of citrus, that is why you can add lemon rinds to a jar full of water and let it sit for 24 hours, then start spraying the solution onto the patio furniture and on the stairs and every possible entry point to keep the snakes away from the house.

4. Maintain Your Yard

source: Western Lehigh Landscape

If by chance you have sticks of debris and weeds in your garden, then remove them because snakes find them to be perfect hiding spots. Try to keep your garden nice and tidy to have a good view of it and to not allow snakes to have any hiding spots.

5. Seal Off Your Home

source: YouTube/Quikrete

No one wants to have snakes hanging around in their house, that is why you should seal all the cracks and holes you have on doors and walls. Also, make sure to seal off your windows as well.

6. Homemade Snake Repellent

source: Natural Living Ideas

If you use chemicals to repel snakes, then you could be unintentionally hurting your pets and loved ones. You can use a homemade repellent as an alternative. Mix equal parts of cinnamon oil and clove oil, then spray the obtained solution around your house and possible snake hideouts.

7. Mothballs

source: Insect Cop

Mothballs are known for their ability to deter insects but guess what, they do the same for snakes. Place mothballs all around the house to deter snakes, but make sure they stay away from your pets and children because they are extremely poisonous to them.

8. Relocate Them

source: Backpacking Mastery

Try placing snake traps around the house, and when you catch a snake, you can either call professionals to take it away and extract poison out of it for medical purposes or simply take it to a woody area and release it where it belongs.