How To Make Your Own Magic Erasers For Just 10 Cents


A draft of Mr. Clean Magic is a cleaning product that most people probably have under the kitchen sink. They are great little tools for getting rid of dirt, scratches, wall scuffs, etc. However, for such a simple sponge, they are quite expensive. Why spend money on the brand name version when you can make your own Magic Eraser for only 10 cents?

source: CNET

Although magic rubbers may seem magical, they are just a piece of melamine foam with a cleansing agent inside. And it’s actually the melamine that makes them so effective, not the cleansing agent. The best thing about melamine is that you can buy it in bulk on sites like eBay and Amazon at a very low price. So buy one packet and you’re on your way to making a DIY Magic Eraser.


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